Sophie Rogers

About me

My name is Sophie, I am 26 years old and I am a yoga loving crystal obsessed Designer based in Birmingham, UK.

I design and hand make a collection of ‘Crystal Energy Jewellery’, which is a wonderful way to benefit from the healing properties and
raw beauty of crystals. Each one of my crystals has been consciously handpicked, cleansed with sage, infused with Reiki energy and
handcrafted with love to create a beautifully with love to create a beautifully unique piece of jewellery!

I first discovered crystals aged 21 whilst undergoing treatment for Cervical Cancer. Before this I was studied Fashion Design at College
and University and had been a Childrenswear Designer at the Head Office of a well known clothing brand since graduating.

During my treatment I was invited to a Cancer Support Centre where I was offered holistic treatments such as acupuncture and Reiki
along with meditation/relaxation and yoga classes. These classes enormously uplifted my sense of wellbeing, and gave me much comfort
to aid my recovery, physically and mentally. This is where I first discovered crystals. I was instantly drawn to their vivid colours and
interesting structures and knew straight away that I wanted to create something beautiful with them!

I did extensive research into crystals, their healing qualities and the positive benefits they have on the body and mind. I brought my first
raw crystals, keeping them close to me every day to receive maximum benefit from their energies. I thought that wearing them as a
necklace would be the perfect way to show off their outstanding beauty whilst keeping them close to the body.
Whilst recovering at home, I started making crystal necklaces for myself which gave me something to focus on and found it very
therapeutic. People started asking me about the jewellery I wore and before I knew it friends and family were giving me orders!

After my surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy whilst I was still off work recovering, I had lots of time to think about what was really
important to me and I gained a whole new perspective on life! I felt very anxious when thinking about returning to work and didn’t feel
the busy office environment and long commute was a lifestyle I wanted anymore. I had a new found passion for crystals and creating
jewellery with them and knew this is something I wanted to do every day!

This is when I set up my Etsy shop to see if anyone other than friends and family wanted to buy my jewellery and to my surprise they
did! I then applied to The Princes Trust where I was grated a start up loan and a business mentor. This helped me immensely to turn my
new found hobby into a ‘real’ business. I was then able to leave my 9-5 job and focus on expanding High Vibe Designs!

I now enjoy holding regular stalls at craft fairs, markets and different events where I am able to showcase my crystal jewellery. Meeting
customers face to face and telling them about the individual properties of the crystals and what would most suit their needs.

I hope to spread good vibes and positive energy to as many people as possible with my jewellery.

I think everyone should enjoy the high vibration and healing energy of crystals.

Thank you for your support. It means the world to me !

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